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Bob D. – AA Member from Las Vegas Nevada - Spoke at our London Ontario AA Workshop
“Experiencing Sobriety” July 10, 11 & 12, 2015. Thanks to the London AA Members that funded and managed this 7th Tradition event and to Chris S. from the Byron 12x12 loading the several audio-videos on the Internet for those who missed this event - Click Here

Norman Vincent Peale (Non-Alcoholic) Speaker about The Power of Positive Thinking  Click Here

Cliff B - from Dallas Texas and even at 90 years young - AA Speaker of PPG (Primary Purpose Groups)        - Speaker on Workshops Dec 2006
     - Cliff still holds Big Book Workshops LIVE on SKYPE about 5-6 times a week.
     - A true Elder Statesman for AA.   Click Here

Audrey C & Michael K - AA Speakers about  Information About Sponsorship - June 2011  Click Here

Tom B Jnr.  - AA Speaker about “The Solution for Addiction”     Click Here

John K - from Dallas, TX
     - AA Speaker at the Eastside Group in Fort Worth, TX - Feb 2006   Click Here

Jim P - (Georgia Jim) - Big Book Workshop AA Speaker at Eufaula AL. 2013     Click Here

Wally P - Back to Basics AA Speaker at Leesburg March 2009  Click Here

Chris S. & Dave P. - Breaking Down Chapter 7 AA Speaker at Hatboro PA - July 2013  Click Here

Barbara B - from Montclair, NJ - 12 Steps Over 4 Weeks - AA Speaker at West Orange NJ - Click Here

Mark H - from Houston, TX - AA Speaker about Recovery, Spirituality and Meditation - Click Here

Hector E - from Los Angeles - AA Speaker about AA's Spritual Way of Life; 2003 - Click Here

Father Terry - AA Speaker at the Women's Retreat, Corbitt ,Oregon  1989 - Click Here

Johnny H – from Los Angeles talks about 'The Promises and Service'
     - AA Speaker at the Stockholm, Sweden 2004 Convention 2004 - Click Here

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AA Alcoholics Anonymous Speakers Coordinating AA Workshops
AA Alcoholics Anonymous Workshops

Grab a Coffee and Sit Back and Enjoy AA Speakers Coordinating AA Workshops

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AA Speakers and AA Workshops - These files have been sent to me from AA Members who have listened to them and highly recommend that you "might" enjoy them.

If You Find one or more Not Enjoyable - "Please Do Not Shoot the Messenger", other AA Members may find their Information Useful and Worthwhile.

Visit This Page Often - I will be posting AA Workshops to this page when I receive more sent in from members - If you have a favourite speaker, drop me an e-mail with your recommendation.

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