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Early History of AA  - By Duke P - DOS 1940 -  Click Here

Dr. Bob’s - Last Major Talk at Detroit  Dec. 1948  from 7 inch reel - to Listen Dr Bob's Talk - Click Here

Bill W. meets Dr. Bob (Co-Founders of AA)- Speaking about Writing the Big Book - Click Here

Dr. Bob (Co-Founder of AA) AA Speaker in Detroit 1948 and in Cleveland 1950 - Click Here

Ruth Hock - 1st Secretary of Our Membship - AA Speaker at Cleardale Az about her first recollections of meeting Bill W. and Hank (one of the first New York's AA Members)  Click Here

Bill W. (Co-Founder of AA) - 1969 -  AA Speaker about his VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE

     The occasion was the 34th Anniversary of Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill gets a huge round of applause after being introduced. Bill speaks for just a short time before introducing Lois W. (Co-Founder of Al-anon) and wife of Bill W. She tells of a talk she gave 17 years ago and that that time Bill had been sober for 17 years and because he had drank for 17 years she considered them "even." Now he's got 17 more years. She is obviously very grateful. Bill then begins his own talk by saying that he wants to talk about the "Spiritual Experience" and will share a succession of short stories.

     Bill speaks of many people he knew and spoke that the program is working well but as far as the spiritual connection goes, we just "Ain't got the spiritual angle." He spoke of a young fellow who had been in the program for a few years. He had been having trouble with spirituality. He stood up one day and proclaimed that the radiator in the corner "Is My Higher Power."

     Bill goes on to speak of several stories about spiritual experiences and then he comes to Dr Bob. He gives a lot of credit to the woman that set up the meeting between them and then he introduces Henrietta Sieberling (non-alcholic) sitting in the audience. She stands up to a big round of applause. Bill says that when he met Dr Bob, he had found in him, a man that was very spiritual despite his drinking. In Dr Bob's case his craving for alcohol was not lifted for about 2 1/2 years later. Near the end of his talk, Bill says he feels at peace because he is very confident that "The candle of spirituality will be passed on and on, from hand to hand, from one generation to the next." Inspiring.    Click Here

Ebby T. - 1889-1966 Bill W. (Co-Founder of AA) consider Ebby as his Sponsor - This is truly the best recording by Ebby that we’ve heard. San Jose, California on March 4th, 1961.  Click Here

Searcy W. - (Ebby T.`s Sponsor in Texas) from Texas AA Speaker at Minneapolis June 2000

     This is a great speech by the man who became Ebby T’s sponsor, Searcy W., Searcy was the grand-sponsor of Bill W. He gave this talk at the International Alcoholics Anonymous Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June of 2000. Searcy tells us that his sobriety date is May 10th, 1946. He’s was sober 54 years at the time of this talk. His age was 90. He’d done quite a bit of traveling to conventions with Doctor Bob’s son, Smitty – they’re both from Texas. Bill and Lois came down to Texas in 1946. Bill took Searcy under his wing at that time. Searcy kept in close contact with Bill until 1971 when Bill passed away. In 1950.

     Searcy was recruited by Bill W. and Doctor Bob to work the crowd at the First International AA Conference in Cleveland. Bill and Bob were trying to get members to vote for the 12 Traditions and asked Searcy to assist by speaking to the people in the audience before the conference began. Searcy reads a very funny list of the 12 steps of how NOT to stay sober – the crowd loves it. Searcy is no longer around. He passed away at age 93 on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003 in Dallas, Texas. - Click Here

Bill D. - AA Member Number 3 to get sober and Author of 2nd, 3rd & 4th Edition Stories in the Big Book
     - AA Speaker in North Canton, Ohio 1950  Click Here
     - Background info about Bill D. , not in his story -  Click Here

Sister Ignatia - (Non-Alcoholic) (R.C. Nun) AA Speaker at the Convention Long Beach California 1960
Sister Ignatia 1889 - 1966 - This is one of the few talks available “The Angel of AA.”
     - This AA talk is also known as: Her Years with Doctor Bob at the Third International Alcoholics Anonymous Convention - Click Here
     - Speaking of being Nun working with alcoholics in the early days of AA    Click Here

Marty M. - One of the First Women AA Members  Author Big Book Story - "WOMEN SUFFER TOO"
     - She was the first woman with any long-term sobriety in the Bill's New York City Group.
     - AA Speaker at Greenfield Hill Group in 1980  Click Here

Sybil C. - Sober Date 1941 from Los Angeles Ca AA Speaker in Sparks NV on August 1991

     She was sober for 50 years at the time she spoke (Sobriety Date March 23, 1941) She was an AA Pioneer Member on the West Coast and has a great story as well as knowledge of the early days of AA. Sybil introduces herself by saying, She was married five times and born in a small Texas town. She began drinking at the age of fifteen. 9-Days was the longest that Sybil had gone without alcohol in her 17-Years of drinking. She attempted suicide many times. After living in Los Angeles for a few years, she just happened to come across the 1941 Saturday Evening Post magazine with the Jack Alexander (Non-Alcoholic) article on AA in it.

     She goes on to tell about writing to Ruth Hock (Non-Alcoholic) for information, her first experiences at AA meetings, and linking up with AA pioneer, Cliff W. She speaks about the steps in the last 10-minutes in a unique way; she speaks of how she overheard her brother explain them to another AA fellow. Many years later she realized that he was really speaking with her about her own program. Really a great speaker. - Click Here

Chuck C. from Laguna Beach California 1902 - 1984 - A New Pair of Glasses (Author)
      I can tell you from reading his book and reading it every year since 1980 that Chuck was a great contributor to our fellowship with no moss growing under him even when sitting in his favourite chair where many AA's came to talk to him.
     - AA Speaker in St. Simons Island, GA - February 1981    Click Here

Chuck C's - Memorial

     This recording is a memorial service for a much-loved early Alcoholics Anonymous Member. Chuck died on December 14th, 1984 in Laguna Beach, California at the age of 82. This recording was made within the two weeks after his death. The chairman of this meeting is well-known AA speaker. Johnny H introduces about seven or eight different speakers who take their turns at the podium eulogizing Chuck. The AA Speakers include Chuck’s wife Elsa, his son Bill, Sybil C., Cecil C., and Clancy I. 

     There are a lot of heart-felt memories of Chuck shared by these speakers on this recording. Several times, various speakers hint at the fact that the final speaker is definitely the best. The final speaker ends up being Chuck C himself; a short recording is played and provides a very emotional ending to this memorial.   Click Here

Chief Hendricks – an Oklahoma Cherokee Indian Chief

     Chief Hendricks is a Cherokee Indian from the “Holy land of Oklahoma.” He tells the crowd that he used to drink tons of wine before eventually getting sober in 1960. It wasn’t until after he sobered up that he realized that he had been angry and hateful for most of his life. At one point, the Chief made his way to California.

     He tells a very funny story about trying to shock himself into sobriety by sticking his finger inside an empty light bulb socket. Near the end of his talk, he very sincerely says, “No one would have believed it 25 years ago that I would someday travel this great distance and be speaking to a bunch of alcoholics, but now this has become part of my life.”
     AA Speaker in San Diego Sept 1986 - Click Here

Chris R. from Austin Texas (Primary Purpose Groups)

     Chris came to London in the winter of 2009. Chris is asked quite often to speak at AA Events not because he is a great speaker (as he says) but because he is very controversial. He says that the 12-Steps were intended to be worked rapidly after coming into our fellowship.-
     - AA Speaker at Truro Nova Scotia    - Click Here
     - AA Speaker of Relapse Prevention 1999    - Click Here.
     - AA Speaker at Primary Purpose Group in Atlanta, GA - March 2nd 2009    -  Click Here

Father Ed Dowling  (Non-Alcoholic) Bill W. turned to Father Ed as a spiritual sponsor 1955

     This recording is one of the few talks recorded by Father Ed Dowling, Bill W’s spiritual mentor. Bill introduces Father Dowling and also tells a brief story of how they first met in New York City in 1940. Father Dowling’s talk is basically about God as we understand him. He believes that one’s choice of a higher power is none of AA’s business. That is up to the individually himself. Father Dowling also recites one of Bill's favorite lines, “If I ever get to Heaven it will be in backing away from Hell.”
This is a very good and rare - Click Here

Neil Wing (Non-Alcoholic) - Bill W.'s Secretary AA Speaker at the 32nd Michigan Convention

     Gives a very upbeat talk about Bill W. and the early development of Alcoholics Anonymous. Neil Wing explains how AA hired her. She talks about first meeting Bill W., Nell Wing soon found out that her pay-check was not very big. She goes on to tell how exciting it was to hear about all of new groups starting up in foreign countries. Nell talks quite a bit about Dr Bob’s wife, Anne S. (Non-Alcoholic). She talks very fondly about Bill W. and his occasional absentmindedness.

     Nell tells how well Bill W and Doctor Bob got along and how their personalities complimented each other. She tells about the influence Reverend Sam Shoemaker (Non-Alcoholic) had on Bill. She talks about how humble Bill W was when an AA member tried to put him on a pedestal – Bill would always say, “I’m just another Drunk.” After Bill W’s death in 1971, Nell devoted all of her time to setting up the AA Archives. This recording provides an excellent look into AA history from someone who witnessed it first hand. - Speaker at the 32nd Michigan Conferrance - Click Here
     - Nell Wing - Speaker at Phoenix Az in 1994 - Click Here 

Dr. Earl M. - the author of the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Edition BB Story - PHYSICIAN, and HEAL THYSELF

     Dr. Earl as speaker tells this AA story in 1991 at the age of 80. He had been sober for 38 years at that time. Doctor Earl tells us that both of his parents were alcoholics, although his father was a much heavier drinker than his mother. He also had a lot of alcoholism in his extended family, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. From a genetic standpoint, he truly believes that this is an inherited disease.

     Doctor Earl did not suffer the losses that many alcoholics did. He was never in jail, never got arrested for drunk driving. He actually made more money in his last year of drinking than he had ever made before or since. At the age of 15 he and a friend wanted to find out what drinking was all about. They went to see the local bootlegger, Ma Matinelli (Non-Alcoholic) a “Great Big Fat Mama Mia with 8 or 9 children”. They bought 4 bottles of wine and Earl ended up drinking just about all of it himself.

     The spiritual experience that Doctor Earl eventually had was very similar to Bill W’s. His experience was sudden and unexpected. He was at home pouring himself a drink and he felt a surge of pain “In every cell of his body,” and inside his head he heard the words, “This is your last drink.” Although he was wildly drunk, his thinking became very clear, and the compulsion to drink alcohol left him at that instant never to return again.

     Doctor Earl came into AA in 1953. He spent a lot of time staying with Bill and Lois Wilson at Stepping Stones, their home in Bedford Hills, New York. Bill Wilson once confided in Doctor Earl that even though he has been sober longer than anyone else in AA, he has never achieved much serenity. Doctor Earl then spent over three years in the Far East countries attempting to find his own serenity. He never really did find true serenity until the day he decided to stop looking for it. Doctor Earl M. died on January 13th, 2003. This is an amazing talk by a man who had been
around AA for a long time. AA Speaker at Kansas City 1991 Click Here

Crickett R from Ft Worth Texas AA Speaker at 2005 Founder's Day Celebration Akron  Click Here

Sister Maurice (Alcoholic) from the Bronx NY
     - AA Speaker at 19th Spring Conference Cocoa Beach FL - Click Here

Hal M from Washington DC - AA Speaker at Flagstaff Roundup AZ - 'Surrender to Win' Click Here

Jack B (AA Pioneer) Wheelman for the Mob NYC Sober 1947 AA Speaker in 1973 - Click Here

Father Joseph M. MD. (Havre De Grace) AA Speaker about 'Alcoholics and their Feelings' Click Here

Beth H  from Cary NC - Author of the 'Empty on the Inside' in the 4th. Edition of the Big Book
     - AA Speaker at the 45th Niagara Falls Blossomtime Convention 2010   Click Here

Lew F - from Chilliwack BC

     He got sober way back on November 16, 1963 at age of 28. Lew is a storyteller, and shares several of those stories on this recording. He was sponsored by Wino Joe L of Tyler Texas. Lew has done a lot of worldwide traveling speaking at AA functions. He tells a couple of stories about going to South Africa and New Zealand. AA Speaker about the 12-Steps. A Really Good Talk.    Click Here

Janine C AA Speaker at Primary Purpose Group in Laguna Niguel CA Oct 2012   Click Here

Tommi  D - 86 Year Old Female from Oakland Park, FL. AA Speaker Nashville Tenn in 2008

     Tommi is one of the best known old-timers around. Tommi says she’s 86 years old but she actually sounds more like 40. Sober since 1960. She had seen seven different psychiatrists while trying to get sober and also spent some time at High Watch Farms in Kent, Connecticut.

     Tommi talks about her acquaintance with Bill W and Ebby T. She speaks very fondly about making the trip down to Texas to attend Ebby’s funeral. At the end of her talk Tommi says, “Dear Lord, please help me to accept the kind of life you have chosen for me to live. Make me ever mindful of the needs of others and what you would have me do with my life, that Thy will be done. Amen. Thank you very much and I love you." - Click Here

Johanna Z - from Costa Mesa Ca - AA Speaker at Bakersfied Ca in San Fernando Feb 1991

     Johanna, an excellent speaker with 16 years of sobriety at the time of this recording. Johanna grew up with a lot of fear, unhappiness and anger in an alcoholic home. She had her first drink at a college fraternity party and drank to the point of passing out. Before she turned 21, Johanna was already a chronic alcoholic, drug addict and had been arrested several times. She eventually woke up in the mental ward of a state hospital after a suicide attempt. Her moment of clarity came when she stood frozen on a street corner unable to cross and get to the liquor store. After becoming a member of AA, Johanna became very involved with passing the message in hospitals and institutions. “In our need for one another, we ourselves are fulfilled.”   Click Here

Bill F from Lorain Ohio AA Speaker in Windsor ON – 1999
     - A Chief Probation Officer with 35years of Sobriety at time of his talk.

     Bill is an AA veteran from Lorain, Ohio which is just outside the Cleveland area. Bill opens up this Alcoholics Anonymous talk with a few funny jokes and then gives a much abbreviated story on the history of AA. He then tells his story. Bill’s sobriety date is May 11th, 1964 and he was 35 years sober at the time of this talk. He tells a horrendous story that happened at Christmastime in 1956. He was driving drunk and two people ended up getting killed. Bill was sent to the Ohio Reformatory. He would have gotten parole after spending twelve months in prison but he ended up getting some booze in his system and was sentenced to another 16 months. After Bill sobered up in the rooms of AA, he became the chief probation officer for the county of Lorain, Ohio. Bill believes in keeping AA simple; he’s seen too many people enter the rooms of AA with the paralysis of analysis. Click Here

Jack D - from Pittsburg PA.
     - AA Speaker at the 44th. Delaware Convention - May 2004  Click Here

Lyle P - AA Speaker at Damerham UK on June 2009
     - from Conyers, Georgia speaks about the 4th Edition of the Big Book   Click Here

Cliff B – Sponsee of Joe McQ of the Joe & Charlie Big Book Study Workshops
     - AA Speaker at Fort Worth ,Texas on Feb. 2007   Click Here

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